Super Airik the Cleric playthrough #1: Village exploration and beginning of first dungeon

In this new podcast, I start a playthrough of Super Airik the Cleric, an audio RPG for Windows that has been out for several years but had various bugs that, to me, seems to have made it unplayable. While I have discovered some game bugs in this very podcast, they do not make the game significantly unplayable.

Enjoy! Expect part two soon. In regard to Simply Skullgirls, I’ll be continuing that after this playthrough of Super Airik the Cleric.

Simply Skullgirls #1

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve made a post here on this blog. I’ve been quiet because there really wasn’t much for me to do, and I didn’t know what to do with the site.

However, I am coming up with ideas, and one of them, in an attempt to play and explore Skullgirls, is this. introducing Simply Skullgirls, where I don’t review it, since I don’t really know enough about the game from both sides of the fighting game community fence to do that. It’s not a walkthrough, because it’s a fighting game, you fight either against the computer or online. Guides on how to use characters, different movesets, strategies etc is not a walkthrough in my personal opinion. Everyone plays differently, so if you don’t work toward a personal goal especially in a fighting game, you’ll be stuck no matter which strategy guide you use.

My personal goal? Work through the tutorials. Try to learn how to beat the boss—I have not yet beaten her, and unlike Blazblue, it is not the games fault. In these podcasts, you’re along for the ride as I experiment. You may learn something, you may not. You may develop your own strategy or will perhaps be inspired to play a certain way. I’m aiming these podcasts at particular people in the blindness community—those who think that this is impossible or we’re insane. If I can play Resident Evil six without serious issues or getting stuck for long periods of time, and from what I’m hearing DeadSpace is also playable, and that’s without speech, then I’m sure Skullgirls will inspire a multitude of games to be made accessible on Steam, as I hear will happen in 2015.

As I mention in the podcast, I assume you already have an account ready to go on


If you don’t or you need help going through the Steam process as a blind person, here is a


on how to do just that.

Feel free to spread the word around to as many people as you can, especially game developers and media. With your help, maybe Mortal Kombat can have talking menus.

I am sorry for some technical difficulties I had with creating this podcast. Among them was SteamCloud complaining that it had problem syncing game data, and NVDA had trouble clicking on the “cancel” button.


Here are two utilities to download to read Skullgirls via the clipboard.



Steps to get working:

  • Open the .exe file with fun Japanese characters inside the Clipboard2Sapi folder that is created in the directory that you specify in the extracted that you download.
  • Press enter twice.
  • Go down once and press enter.
  • Go up once and press enter twice, once to select Jaws/NVDA, and another to confirm.





  • Extract the zip file to a folder of your choice, ex: C:\ClipReader.
  • Run ClipReader.exe, then launch Skullgirls.

If, like me, you are getting an error when executing ClipReader, you may need to use Clipboard2Sapi. This is why I have given you both options.

This should be all you need. I hope to battle some of you online soon! Meanwhile, look out for episode two soon!