The Whole Dang Musical Spectrum (WDMS) 10/18/17


  • Surfin’ Charlie Sugar
  • Declan Nerney Three Way Love Affair
  • The Real McKenzies Scots Wha Ha’e
  • Paddy And The Rats Where Red Paints the Ocean
  • Seamus Moore Flash the Lights
  • Seamus Moore You’re Some Trucker
  • Metalite Afterlife
  • Fiddler’s Green Perfect Gang
  • Gain Eleven Candy & Cocaine
  • Happy Ol’McWeasel On Your Own
  • John Lindberg Trio Danger Us
  • Red Nova Three Seconds
  • Self Deception I Give Up
  • State Of Emergency The End
  • Album Spotlight: Whitney Rose – Rule 62
  • The Hawkins Perfect Son
  • The Tossers Smash the Windows
  • Those Poor Bastards This World Is Evil
  • Rachel Brooke Must Be Somethin’ In the Water
  • Kayla Luky Loneliness or Me

TV Recommendations that come highly recommended by me, getting the Orinks stamp of Approval

Somebody started a topic on the audio games forum about recommendations for TV, and this was my response:
I’m a fan of the four Netflix superhero shows and they come highly recommended. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and The Defenders. I wouldn’t recommend watching iron Fist at all.
Other shows that come highly recommended by me: Black Mirror – Anthology show taking place mostly in the future about how our reliance on technology may just be our downfall.
House of Cards – Based on a book trilogy about a fictional british prime minister, though the show is wildly different and better. Set in America, Frank Underwood does everything he can, including blackmail, murder and more, to get into the White House, and stay there.
The OA – Very interesting new drama that explores the paranormal and spirituality. There’s a lot of mystery to this one, so it’s best to leave it at that.
13 Reasons Why – Based on a novel of the same name, this show deals with bullying, and most importantly, suicide and in season 2, it’s aftermath. Despite the crap it’s been getting from the media, this is wonderfully executed.
Bojack Horseman – An epic animated comedy that also happens to explore deep topics such as depression and anxiety, among other things.
Rick & Morty – I just started this one, and this is the only show on Netflix on this list of recommendations not described. It starts off as grandfather and grandson go on adventures in space, but that’s just the basics of this heavy dialog comedy.
Stranger Things – Adventure horror drama set in the 80s’. I mention this one because season 2 comes a week from Friday!
If you want something to start off with on this list, I’d definitely start with Black Mirror and Daredevil. If you’re not into superheros, watch an Antihero and go on Frank’s journey in House of Cards. Failing that, if you want an epic drama with horror modern life and SciFi, Stranger Things is your show.
Oh, I forgot an epic one that came out this year over the summer.
Ozark – A crime drama with seriously gripping story. Forced to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel, a family of four moves away to The Ozarks in Missouri specifically to carry out this daunting task. With a few million dollars, deadlines to meet and death on the line, the stakes get high, very quickly.