Apple Music Playlists

Since I started using Apple Music at launch, over time I’ve begun to create playlists of my musical tastes. Links to these playlists are below, along with a description. Heading navigation is also provided for those using a screen reader.

Note: If you use Spotify or another service that allows the sharing of playlists and want to recreate these playlists on other services, let me know so that I may share them here for the benefit of others.

Note2: If you don’t have iTunes, clicking on the below links will only direct you to get it, depending on which device you are on. If you are running the latest iOS but do not have a free trial of Apple Music, you will be prompted to sign up for one before proceeding to the playlist you clicked on.


Ongoing, never-ending playlists

All A Cappella


This playlist features the best in A cappella covers. It will also feature original A cappella works who I feel are unique and that classify as A cappella. Epic harmonie lives here!!


All Jazz!

This playlist, inspired by a Jazz assignment in music class, features everything Jazz. It is primarily Big Band, a bit of Sax Jazz and Dixieland Jazz for now, though over time it shall encompass every single subgenre of Jazz. .

Music Favorites


This playlist features everything I discover, am interested in, and feel that others should hear. Covering every genre on the planet, this is where I’ll put stuff if I don’t have a genre-specific playlist for it.


My Favorites Mix (Apple Curated)

This is what Apple thinks are my favorite tracks, updated weekly. Since apple no longer allows users to share their curated playlists, my way is to update this list every week. Eventually, the playlist will be huge as my music tastes change. Unlike Apple, who refreshes this playlist every week, mine will not refresh. I’ll just keep adding!

My New Music Mix (apple Curated)

Apple attempts to find new releases I might like and refreshes its playlist every week. This playlist will continuously grow as the official Apple playlist updates.

Megadance Collection


This playlist features everything dance music. The playlist starts out in Bubbledum Dance of the 90s’ (Aqua), to House and Trance of today.


Holiday Favorites

This playlist features music that I like for all major Holidays of the year. Started for Christmas 2015, but will expand in 2016 to include all major Holidays.

The “Now” collection

This playlist features hits from the early “Now that’s what I Call Music” compilations. They are not available on streaming services, so I decided to make my own playlist with them.

Completed Playlists

Raid the Arcade Mix (8/8/89)

Ernie Klines Armada features 80s’ references of movies, games, and other pop-culture, and the music is no exception. These are the tracks that were featured and referenced more than others.


Great Country, Vol. 1

This playlist features songs from “Music Favorites”, a selection of some of my country favorites.


More genre specific playlists and more “Great Country” volumes coming soon.