The following guide is a menu guide for the fighting game Blazblue: ChronoPhantasma for the PlayStation 3.

Chronophantasma’s menus are by far the easiest menus to navigate in the series. The previous games were doable, though they were less organized. The menus are divided into sections, and these sections are listed along with their menu items below. You can get to each section by moving left or right in the main menu. These sections do wrap around.

Practice Section:

  1. Tutorial Mode
  2. Combo Challenges
  3. Training Mode

A note about Tutorial mode: after listening to the instructions for each lesson, simply completing the lesson will not make the tutorial continue. The instructions say to press FN1, which is L1 on a standard PlayStation 3 controller. The tutorial will also not let you cheat, so you must hear “nice” by the announcer in order to continue with lessons.

Story Section:

  1. Story Mode
  2. Teach Me! Ms. Lichi

Note: The Teach Me! menu does not wrap and goes horizontal.


Versus Section:

  1. Versus mode
  2. Arcade Mode

Options section and Online modes section will be completed later. These menus should get you through the SinglePlayer content.

A note about Stylish mode: Since there is currently not a move guide for each character that makes any kind of sense and uses a number notation that seems geared toward fighting stick players only, I recommend using Stylish Mode to get through Singleplayer content. This game is no Mortal Kombat with three buttons to perform special moves. Some moves in this game use all six directions, and on a GamePad you only have four directions to use. You can try to use the analogue stick, but that still only goes in four directions. Ah, if only we could read the move list…

Anyway, enjoy Blazblue story, and arcade and the other single player content. It’s great.

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