Let’s Play DreamyTrain part 1: In which we enter an invalid birthday and drive our first train. (Setup and tutorial stage)

I play this new fantasy arcade train simulator from Galaxy Laboratory. Just as with his other games, the music is amazing. Check it out!

Internet Radio Broadcasting on the Mac, part 2: The Walk (Radiologik Broadcast Tutorial)

On this episode of oLife, I demonstrate how i use
Scheduler and DJ each and every Wednesday and show that it is easily the best broadcast app available right now for that professional sound on the Mac

Internet Radio Broadcasting on the Mac, part 1: The Talk

Welcome to a special series on oLife. This podcast is a joint effort between myself and John More, of the

BlindLife podcast.


I will list our talking points below. You may use these timestamps to jump to specific points of the podcast.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Introduction/Progress on John’s Employment.
  • 04:06 My general Background as an Internet Radio Consumer.
  • 10:52 How I got started with Internet Broadcasting.
  • 14:18 Getting into the nitty gritty of the Mac Apps, starting with Radiologik.
  • 23:19 John Moore: A brief history of Internet Broadcasting.
  • 51:15 Broadcasting on the Mac.
  • 1:21:49 CLosing.
Enjoy! Look for my Radiologik and broadcasting tutorials here soon!

Let’s Play Manamon, part 3

Okay, admitedly, this really doesn’t progress. I discover, though, that my party is pretty flawed and I need only just one or two of each type of Manamon, not three! of the same type. THus, in part 4, I’ll hopefully will be able to drastically change my party by doing it off-stream and podcast so by the time part 4 arrives, my party will be seficiant.

Crazy Party Review: “The Valley” World and the “Normal” Type Gym

Welcome to my
Crazy Partyreview! In this review, I complete the first world as best as I can, which is called “The Valley”, followed by completing the first battle Gym, “Normal”. The gyms are associated with each battle type.
I’m sorry about the ambiance being too loud in some areas, but all of the important parts–the gameplay, should be understandable enough.
To those that have or use Window Eyes, do not download this game for the moment. launching this game with Window Eyes installed, despite having another supported screen reader loaded, will launch Window Eyes and Window Eyes will intercept keys such as Alt+F4.
Despite this shortcoming that will hopefully be fixed soon, I hope you enjoy the podcast! If you want, join us and discuss the game at the Audio Games forum!