The Whole Dang Musical Spectrum (WDMS) 9/20/17


  • Fruit & Flowers – Pick Fairy
  • 8-Bit Universe – Waves (8-Bit Version)
  • Dia Frampton – Crave (Cherry Beach Remix)
  • Courage My Love – We’re Not In Kansas Anymore
  • Dia Frampton – Hope
  • ARCHIS – Blood
  • Freedom Fry – The Wilder Mile
  • Godflesh – Dead Head
  • American Hi-Fi – Wall of Sound
  • Ex Hex – Don’t Wanna Lose
  • Gregory and The Hawk – For the Best
  • Green Day – Revolution Radio
  • Tashaki Miyaki – Tell Me
  • Hey Monday – Hangover
  • Album Spotlight: Avatarium – Hurricanes and Halos
  • Juliet Simms – Tidal Wave

Personal Narrative Essay: “Black Mirror”

Please note: I spoil the crap out of Season 3, episode 1. If you have not watched this episode and do not want spoilers, come back to this after you’ve watched it in full. I wrote this originally as a Creative Writing assignment, and intended to make a review, but it unfortunately turned out to be a heavy spoilerific review.
“Black Mirror” is one of those Netflix shows that strikes a chord with its audience on many levels. What is Black Mirror’s audience? People who love horror, technology, gritty stories and standalone stories that in many ways mirror reality will love Black Mirror. Jenna Wortham, in a New York Times article at the beginning of last year, sums up “Black Mirror” in one fluid sentence. “
Each episode of “Black Mirror”— named for the way our screens look while powered down— paints a different nightmarescape of a future gone technologically awry.” (Wortham, 2015) The first episode she cites for instance would probably not be my first choice to use if I were the one writing this article. I do, however, like her description of the episode entitled “Hotshot”. “Another imagines a post-peak-oil future, wherein people generate energy, and currency by pedaling on stationary bikes, and the only escape from the drudgery is reality-show fame.” (Wortham, 2015) “Hotshot” was the episode that really started to make me think about the reality of, say, App Store purchases on a smartphone or digital downloadable content in video games. In that society, the Exercise Bikes are like working. The characters peddle their ass off in the hopes to get these “Merits” that can be spent on mostly necessities. As with a good majority of in-app purchases on any app store, these purchases can often spend a day’s work of Merits. For example, some toothpaste dispensed from a dispenser for the Main Character to brush his teeth cost over 100,000 Merits. The biggest expense in this society is a ticket to be a Contestant on “Hotshot” a show within the episode making jabs at American Idol/The Ex Factor.

Another episode that just came out last month when “Black Mirror” became a hit for  Netflix exclusively is “Nose Dive.” In this future, people are rated on a scale of 1-5. Similar to rating a restaurant on Yelp , the rating determines everything, including criminal status. The 4.0-5.0s are the high, upper-class elites. They get the best housing, first-class flights and tend to have elitist friends. As we all know from our own society, people can be pretty nasty. When these characters are forced to show  their social profile  in this episode, where every action will cause a sore or dip in ratings, behavior is more about a number, not about love, feelings or anything else that drives us to behave. Society norms in this episode entirely rely on rating.

The main character learns this cruel system first hand, as her journey rating wise starts at a fine 5. When she gets to the wedding she was supposed to be a bridesmaid at, her rating drops to a 2. She just brushed by someone drinking a cup of coffee, spilling it. That person chose to give her one star. Her rating went down a bit, which made her unable to board a first-class flight since her rating was below the requirement for it. Then, she talked back to and cursed out the clerk at the airport. Security, as punishment, knocked her rating down by one whole point, making it a three or so. She was denied access to the wedding by her former friend, the bride, who’s still sitting at a 5.0 rating. When all was said and done and she made her speech; the others at the wedding scoffed at her rating. Everyone at the wedding gave her one star, essentially telling her that she was no longer welcomed there, and her rating plummeted to 1.0 which meant jail.

Lastly, “Black Mirror” is a dark, at times twisted show that really makes one think about the possible price of having access to technology in this digital age. With “Black Mirror,” it examines the technology we use and gives us a startling look at how bad it may become in the wrong hands, or even as it develops over time.

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The Whole Dang Musical Spectrum (WDMS) 8/10/16

The Whole Dang Musical Spectrum was jam packed with Rock, Country and Pop fused together to create a three hour masterpiece. Listen and enjoy!


  • Dave Matthews Band – The Space Between (2001)
  • Dave Matthews Band – Funny the Way It Is (2009)
  • Atargatis – Fever of Temptation (2007)
  • Alan Jackson – Jim and Jack and Hank (2015)
  • Bob Wayne – Showdown (feat. Molly Conley) (2014)
  • Charlie Thompson – Got the World By the Tail (2005)
  • Damone – Serial Killer (2008)
  • A Day to Remember – Paranoia (2016)
  • Def Leppard – Wings of an Angel (2015)
  • Delain – Daylight Lucidity (2010)
  • The Dirty Youth – Promises (2011)
  • Dream – This Is Me (2001)
  • Dunderpatrullen – Mitt Liv Som Prilla (2015)
  • Eagles – The Disco Strangler (2013)
  • Elvis Presley – Hot Dog (2013)
  • Everclear – Volvo Driving Soccer Mom (2004)
  • Fuel – Bad Day (2000)
  • Greg Bates – Did It for the Girl (2012)
  • Hank Williams III – Not Everybody Likes Us (2006)
  • Horse the Band – Heroes Die (2005)
  • Horse the Band – Octopus On Fire (2005)
  • Josh Ward – What I’m Doin’ (2015)
  • Kelsea Ballerini – Yeah Boy (2015)
  • letlive. – Foreign Cab Rides (2016)
  • The Monkees – Words (2003)
  • Nellie Wilson – Cruel Jim (2012)
  • Niykee Heaton – Villa (2014)
  • No Fair Fights – Keep Falling (2014)
  • Olivia Holt – Phoenix (2016)
  • Ray Lawrence Jr. – Tonight They’re Makin Babies (2011)
  • Ray Lawrence Jr. – Stay With Me Tonight (2011)
  • Red Hot Chilli Pipers – Hellbound Train (2010)
  • Robbie Fulks – You Don’t Want What I Have (2005)
  • Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out – I’m Leaving You and Ft Worth Too (2015)
  • SaraBeth – Keep on Keepin’ On (2016)
  • The Sounds – Beatbox (2009)
  • Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band – Harlan Man (2009)
  • Sunny Sweeney – Backhanded Compliment (2014)
  • Tarja – Die Alive (2008)
  • Tarja – Boy and the Ghost (2008)
  • Tony Booth – Lonesome 7-7203 (2008)
  • Vengaboys – Up & Down (2000)
  • Watkins Family Hour – Brokedown Palace (2015)
  • ZZ Top – Delirious (2013)

oLife is back where it belongs,!

Hi all,
It’s been a tough road ahead ever since the closure of Firestar Hosting. I’ve been though at least one hosts and left them in less than a month. Now I’m at Dreamhost and I’m not going anywhere. DreamHost is where it’s at for both newbies and vets to websites alike. They’re support staff is super helpful in getting me up and running. The biggest issue was NameCheap and them giving Daniel, who owned Firestar Hosting, some information to proceed with the domain transfer. Existing show archives will still work until July since still works, but as of this upcoming Thursday, it’ll no longer function. Also, time marches on, and two shows happened since my trip back from Maryland. Those archives will be available as soon as possible.
I will be changing existing show archives before July obviously so that listeners won’t notice any difference whatsoever. DreamHost really is impressing me though, and they come highly recommended by me.

Netflix for iOS 8.00 brings groundbreaking accessibility improvements to VOiceOver users. Here is a quick demo of these improvements.

Netflix brings various VoiceOver improvements among other layout changes that make for a more accessible experience. This episode of oLife demos these new improvements—and problems as best as possible. Netflix 8.00 is the version that VoiceOver users have been clamping at the bit for for a long, long time.

Merry Christmas. New Playlists!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I bring you several new playlists, one of which is a Holiday Favorites playlist sure to bring Holiday cheer.

I am also now adding genre specific playlists, the first being “Great Country, Vol. 1” and it will have three volumes.

A new playlist, “The “Now” Collection”, features songs from the early Now that’s what I Call Music CDs. I’ll resume adding to that next week.


Edge of Winter Demo Part 1: Walkin’ Round the Courtyard

In this first Edge of Winter demo gameplay review, I attempt to do what the game asks. This was cut short due to me not being able to find the Castle Entrance in Compass/Top Down mode. This was also my first time using the compass mode, and it is overall easier and it helps with scanning. Pressing any of the four directions means you face that direction. I could not find the second bridge where the lever and Castle Entrance are. I was able to find it in Rotation mode the first time I played.
There are also some surprises that only one can find while exploring.

Enter the worlds of Swing, Dixie, Sax and other genres of Jazz with my “All Jazz!” playlist!

Just a heads up that I’ve just created a new Apple Music playlist. Find the “All Jazz!” playlist on the Apple Music Playlists page and enjoy it! As always, it’s an ongoing playlist, so be sure to start following now!

As this playlist was inspired by the second paper due in Music Class, soon I’ll be putting up another playlist focusing on the first. Classical!



P.S. I prefer my Jazz instrumental, so as a result, there is only one or two songs with vocals. Over time, this will change.