The Chiptune Experience Episode 01: pilot

Welcome to the Chiptune Experience! I started this podcast because I wasn’t sure if podcasts like The Gamewave Podcast were still podcasting. There were other podcasts like Gamewave, but they have gone in different directions.

This podcast aims to bring back what Gamewave, G4A, and any other podcasts I may have missed—straight up great chiptune epicness for an hour and a half or so.

Community Submissions!

Do you love the chip scene as much as I do? Do you want to share your favorites or favorite new releases on a podcast and make your own show? No problem! Submit it to the Chiptune Experience and make an entire episode devoted to your favorite chip jams!

Contact me

via email with “Chiptune Experience” or “Chiptune Experience contribution episode” in the subject and we’ll discuss!


Pilot Episode Playlist:

  • Swerdmurd – Off Course! (2016)
  • Danimal Cannon – Collision Event (2016)
  • Danimal Cannon – Behemoth (2016)
  • C-jeff – Black Lock (feat. Stemage) (2013) (Talk Bed)
  • Anamanaguchi – Helix Nebula (2006)
  • Anamanaguchi – Meow (2013)
  • The Kevin Gnartinez Band – The Night We Met (2016)
  • 8bit bEtty – The Reading Rainbow (2005)
  • 8-Bit Universe – All About That Bass (8-Bit Dance Remix) (2014)
  • Joe Jeremiah – A-Bit of Nyan Cat (2014)
  • Joe Jeremiah – A-Bit of Dueling Banjos (2014)
  • C-jeff – Boiling Point (2013) (Talk Bed)
  • City Guys – Desert Island (2016)
  • Jakim – Mindless (2011)
  • Jakim – Whatever It Means (2011)
  • C-jeff – A Thousand Bridges (feat. Raz Ben Ari) (2013) (Talk Bed)
  • I Fight Dragons – My Way (2011)
  • 8bit bEtty – Requiem For Pluto (2013)
  • 8bit bEtty – Everything Changes (reprise) (2013)


Enjoy, and I hope you all listen next Friday!

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