The Whole Dang Musical Spectrum (WDMS) debut show 3.23.16

I am proud to present to everyone the WDMS archive and playlist(s) for it’s debut on X Transmission FM!

The Whole Dang Musical  Spectrum can be heard every Wednesday from 8-11 PM Eastern. Do you find that listening to archives in radio show format is boring? Would you rather browse the show’s wide selection of music and listen in the order you want? Introducing WDMS playlists, which can be found on a variety of music streaming services. The links to these are below.

First though…



  • Celldweller – Cell #1/Switchback
  • Rick Derringer – Blue Suede Blues
  • 456 – Serenity
  • I Fight Dragons – The Power of Love (cover)
  • Virt – The Mega Mermaid (A Part of Your World Chiptune cover) Available free here!
  • I Fight Dragons – Just Decide
  • Norwegian Recycling – Acoustic Alchemy Available free at his website!
  • Joey Allcorn – 50 Years Too Late
  • Cover Comparison: Jackson 5 – I Want You Back/The Piano Guys – I Want You Back
  • Sarah Gayle Meech – Somebody’s Gonna Cry
  • Old Crow Medicine Show – Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer
  • Sunny Sweeney & Brennen Leigh – But You Like Country Music
  • Album Spotlight Daryle Singletary – There’s Still a Little Country Left
  • Bleached – Next Stop
  • Bleached – For the Feel
  • Diemonds – Better Off Dead
  • Kobra and the Lotus – I Am, I Am (Judas Priest Cover)
  • Archis – Black Eye
  • Hank Williams – Rockin’ Chair Money (Undubbed Version)
  • Hank Williams – The Battle of Armageddon
  • Best Coast – Boyfriend
  • Down with Webster – Your Man
  • Kubbi – Juggernaut
  • Down with Webster – Ritch Girl$
  • Charlie Thompson – It’s Driving Me Crazy (Vintage Classic Cover)
  • Everclear – AM Radio
  • MC Lars – Guitar Hero Hero
  • Anamanaguchi – John Hughes
  • Shinedown – I’ll Follow You
  • Celldweller – Just Like You
  • Switchblade Kittens – Cybergrl
  • Switchblade Kittens – I Fought My Mum
  • Switchblade Kittens – My Gay Cousin
  • Sarah Gayle Meech – Stay Gold


On-Demand Playlist Links


Be sure to tune in next Wednesday live! Keep this site bookmarked for all archives.

Merry Christmas. New Playlists!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I bring you several new playlists, one of which is a Holiday Favorites playlist sure to bring Holiday cheer.

I am also now adding genre specific playlists, the first being “Great Country, Vol. 1” and it will have three volumes.

A new playlist, “The “Now” Collection”, features songs from the early Now that’s what I Call Music CDs. I’ll resume adding to that next week.


Enter the worlds of Swing, Dixie, Sax and other genres of Jazz with my “All Jazz!” playlist!

Just a heads up that I’ve just created a new Apple Music playlist. Find the “All Jazz!” playlist on the Apple Music Playlists page and enjoy it! As always, it’s an ongoing playlist, so be sure to start following now!

As this playlist was inspired by the second paper due in Music Class, soon I’ll be putting up another playlist focusing on the first. Classical!



P.S. I prefer my Jazz instrumental, so as a result, there is only one or two songs with vocals. Over time, this will change.

There’s this thing called Apple Music…and I create playlists on it for your enjoyment

Linked above, I created a page listing my Apple Music playlists. More will be added over time. For the lazy, clicking


will get you there. Click on the links, add them to your library and you’ll always be updated with the latest tracks!

Enjoy, as I update these playlists often!