A New Beginning

Welcome to the new oLife website. I am rebooting this site for a number of reasons, the most important one being the oLife podcast. On the old oLife podcast the subject of each episode revolved around gaming, and this new version will most likely be more of the same. That said, the podcast gets its name from the idea that I can branch out into different topics, not just gaming. To keep the podcast alive and more active this time around, I may talk about current shows or anime that I’m interested in and give weekly updates and predictions. I could start Sword art Online II in this way, for instance.

Another thing I’ll be doing with this site is create a comprehensive mainstream gaming section for the blind mainstream gamer out there, no matter you’re level. If you’ve never played a console, the idea is that you can come here to get menus for your console of choice and get blind-specific advice on what is what, as it is extremely lacking. If you’re stuck due to some game menu, that shouldn’t be a problem and I want to try to address it by gathering all of the information for the most popular playable mainstream games in one place. If you’re using the latest next-gen consoles, there is voice control but that only gets you so far. It doesn’t address games and game menus.

the “It’s impossible to play” mentality because we can’t see frustrates me to no end and I want to be able to contribute to a resource where people can learn how we play.


I will install the PowerPress plugin and get this thing started!

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