The Whole Dang Musical Spectrum (WDMS) 3.30.16

This week of The Whole Dang Musical Spectrum was awesome. We introduced an entire set of ChipRock, most of which is brand new 2016 releases! Cover Comparison is back, and it was a tie—0-1-1—there were two covers to compare, as you see below.

The show had an 8-Bit theme this week, so it’s no surprise that this week’s album Spotlight is centered around a ChipRock band.


  • AnamanaguchiHelix Nebula
  • AnamanaguchiMy Skateboard Will Go On
  • Melt ChannelFlorida Snow Day
  • The Kevin Gnartinez BandSplash Of Summer
  • SoleviioVestiges of Home (Andante – Adagio)
  • 8-Bit ThemesA Whole New World (Theme From Aladdin) [Computer Game Version]
  • City GuysJetski
  • Chipmusic HeroesLaffe the Fox – The Sweden Experience
  • Xexys – Fantasy (Request)
  • Cover Comparison: Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass/Bob Wayne – All About That Bass/8-Bit Universe – All About That Bass
  • Chipmusic HeroesRodobodolfo – Puppy #3
  • Danimal CannonBehemoth
  • Danimal CannonInterlude
  • Danimal CannonPostlude (feat. Emily Yancey)
  • Album Spotlight: I Fight Dragons – The Near Future
  • Margo PriceSince You Put Me Down
  • Margo PriceWeekender
  • Sister HazelPrettiest Girl at the Dance
  • Sister HazelRun Highway Run
  • Dual CoreThe Game
  • Dual CoreHere to Help (ft Remington Forbes)
  • Tonight AlivePower of One
  • Morgane StapletonYou Are My Sunshine (with Chris Stapleton)
  • Shooter JenningsCan You Come Over?
  • Zac BrownGrandma’s Garden
  • SwerdmurdOff Course!
  • Dual CorePainting Pictures
  • Ulfhedn4rToilet Roll Deluxe 2000


I hope you all tune in on April 6TH! Next week’s Album Spotlight is going to be a blast!

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