The Whole Dang Musical Spectrum (WDMS) 9/28/16: all about that Chiptune

Welcome to a rockin’ chip tune filled time on the Spectrum this week. On tonight’s show, we heard past favorites, new gems, and everybody was spellbound by these great tunes, I tell you! Chat was the most silent it has ever been. As usual, tune in whenever you can, as it’s a great time be had by all!


  • Anamanaguchi – Scott Pilgrim Anthem
    DDRKirby(ISQ) – Take It to the Limit
    C-jeff – High Speed Torture
    Slime Girls – Intro
    Slime Girls – Starbolt
    Soleviio – II. Vestiges of Home (Andante – Adagio)
    shadynasty – Sohoku Bicycle Club
    Please Lose Battle – Jigsaw Puzzle
    Please Lose Battle – Bitter
    Cover Comparison: GLaDOS – Still Alive/London Philharmonic Orchestra, Andrew Skeet, John Evans, Leo Abrahams, Sarah Covey, Simon Little, Tim Weller & Tom Cawley – Portal: Still Alive
    Dunderpatrullen – Machine Respawn
    Dunderpatrullen – Face Against the Gardin
    Dunderpatrullen – Comet Kid (feat. Rymdkraft)
    047 – Kanpai!
    Dubmood – Chiptune
    FantomenK – Dance of the Incognizant
    PSY – Gangnam Style (DDRKirby’s ROFLmix)
    ChronoWolf – Command Module
    ChronoWolf – Jade and Smoke
    I Fight Dragons – No One Likes Superman Anymore
    I Fight Dragons – Money
    Kubbi – Juggernaut
    Bossfight – Det Er Nesten for Vildt
    Anamanaguchi – Cheap Shop
    zabutom – You Can Do It but Not Like We Do It
    Slagsmålsklubben – SMK hittar munspelet (Live)
    Sulumi – Machine It (Shirobon Remix)
    Rymdreglage & Ninjamoped – Nails
    Robotprins – Flight North-North West
    Robotprins – Love Beam Conquers All
    Crunk Witch – Start of It All
    Covox – Jet Alone
    8bit bEtty – Nikoma’s Theme (Extended Mix)
    8bit bEtty – The Reading Rainbow
    Zalza – The Original 2204355 Song (Alf Theme Chip Remix)
    Rymdreglage – The Boring Fan Club
    Ninjaspark – Rullskridskodisco
    Apoxys – Technologies
    Jakim – Bez Sensu
    YMCK – Magical 8bit Tour
    Joe Jeremiah – A-Bit of Dueling Banjos
    8-Bit Themes – Under the Sea (Theme From the Little Mermaid) [Computer Game Version]
    8-Bit Arcade – Final Fantasy 2 (Main Theme)
    Big Giant Circles – Peanut Butter Cupquakes
    Kubbi – Overworld
    C-jeff – Boiling Point

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